Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian

Maya Math Game


Level 2

Challenge 1

Bix yanilech, I am Ek' Muyal Chan. I can tell that you like to be challenged so be prepared to show your new Maya math skills.
Every time you complete a challenge I will give a new clue that will help you figure out what my job is and why knowing Maya math is important to my success. After you complete the 5th challenge, I will reveal my identity. Good Luck! Below is the first clue to get you started.

CLUE #1: On several occasions throughout the year people come to hear what I have to say.

Problem - =

DIRECTIONS: Drag the correct symbol(s) from the gold boxes into the white boxes to match the number. Then complete the reduction for the final answer. Drag new symbol to replace a value, or click symbol to remove.


You are are correct

Click this box to close and continue to the next challenge.

Your answer is incorrect.

LEVEL 2: I can see that you are definitely up to the challenge. Good luck as you continue with your journey. Find your next clue below.
LEVEL 3: You are showing awesome Maya math skills, so keep it up and good luck!
LEVEL 4: You have proven yourself to be good at Maya math, but to be considered great at Maya math you have to complete the final two challenges.
LEVEL 5: Your journey is almost finished. If you complete the challenge below correctly you will be given the knowledge of who I am. I predict that your time for greatness is near.
CLUE #2: I love to write about and paint what I see happening in the sky.
CLUE #3: Understanding the movements of the Sun, Moon, and stars is important for my work.
CLUE #4: Xux Ek’ is my favorite star to watch, because it moves like a wasp in the sky.
CLUE #5: People often ask me to tell them about the meaning of the day they were born.