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Maya Math Game


Level 3

Challenge 1

Bix a bel, I am Xoctun and we are going to have great fun as we go through the next 5 challenges together. I am looking forward to sharing my story with you.
Every time you complete a challenge I will give a new clue that will help you figure out what my job is and why knowing Maya math is important to my success. After you complete the 5th challenge, I will reveal my identity. Good Luck! Below is the first clue to get you started.

CLUE #1: Every morning on my way to work I spend time talking to all my neighbors to catch up on the latest happenings in my village.

Problem + =

DIRECTIONS: Drag the correct symbol(s) from the gold boxes into the white boxes to match the number. Then complete the reduction for the final answer. Drag new symbol to replace a value, or click symbol to remove.


You are are correct

Click this box to close and continue to the next challenge.

Your answer is incorrect.

CLUE #2: Several years ago I helped my family start and maintain a successful farming business.
CLUE #3: I use Maya math to keep accurate records of every transaction I do with the villagers.
CLUE #4: Once a month I leave the village and go to the big market in town. I use cacao beans as money.
CLUE #5: I sit with the farmers in my village and help them figure out how much corn they need to trade or sell to get everything on their shopping list.
LEVEL 2: Well, what a nice surprise! You really know how to do Maya math. Are you up for a new challenge? Below is your next clue. Good Luck!
LEVEL 3: I think these problems are too easy for you. I think you need a tougher challenge. Try the problem below and let’s see how you do. Also, check out the next clue below.
LEVEL 4: Any guesses of what I do for a living? If you don't know, don't worry, you have two more clues before my identity is revealed. I think Itzamna is happy with your work so far.
LEVEL 5: OK, great job so far. One more challenge and your work is done. I wish you luck!