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Maya Math Game


Maya Symbols

Smart move. Maya math is easy, but you need to learn the rules. As you already learned, the Maya used only 3 symbols to represent all numbers. These symbols are often represented by beans, sticks, and shells.

A dot represents the number 1 A dot represents the number 1 A dot represents the number 1 A stick represents the number 5 A dot represents the number 1 A shell represents the number 0

In Round 1 you will practice using the Maya symbols to represent the numbers 0 - 19.

Match the number with the correct symbols.


Drag the correct symbol(s) in the left gold boxes into the white box to match the number in red. A text box appears when you have matched the correct symbols to the number in red. Click on a number in the blue bar when ready to move to the next practice round.

You are correct.


Click this box to close and continue to the next problem.

Congratulations. End of Practice Round 1!