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The Legend of the Dwarf and the Governor of Uxmal (PDF) »
Maya oral tradition recounts how a dwarf and a governor faced three challenges that led to the construction of the tallest pyramid in Uxmal.
The Maya Calendar System (PDF) »
A more detailed explanation of the Maya calendar system.
The Meaning of the Days of the Maya Sacred Calendar (PDF) »
The Komon Tohil group of Day Keepers from Zunil, Guatemala, describe the meaning of each day in the Maya sacred calendar.
Quirigua Stela C Deciphered (PDF) »
Epigrapher Dr. Erik Velásquez of the Universidad Autónoma de México provides a more detailed translation of the hieroglyphs in Stela C of Quiriguá.
Tortuguero Monument 6 Deciphered (PDF) »
Epigrapher Dr. Erik Velásquez of the Universidad Autónoma de México provides a more detailed translation of the hieroglyphs in Monument 6 of Tortuguero.
Zenith Passage at Chichén Itzá: TL Columnas 15 05 12: (VIDEO) »
This timelapse video shows how shadows disappear from vertical objects (columns in the ancient Maya city of Chichén Itzá, Yucatán, México) during the zenith passage of the Sun, when the Sun is directly overhead. This astronomical event happens twice a year in tropical latitudes, and helped the ancient Maya measure the length of the solar year.
The Descent of Kukulkán: TL Castllo 1920 (VIDEO) »
This timelapse video shows a solar alignment at Chichén Itzá. During the equinoxes in March and September, a serpent of light and shadow descends the pyramid of El Castillo at the ancient Maya city of Chichén Itzá, Yucatán, México. This event marks the time to prepare the earth for planting corn.

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